The Sacred Priestess Journey!

Join us on this sacred journey into the depths of you beginning October 26th and 27th!  More info here –

Love is All there Is




The Shamanic Priestess Process is a life altering experience for women, drawing us deeply into our true selves so that we may release the shadows inside and become who we truly are.

The intro weekend is coming up – February 23 and 24.  Won’t you join us?

For more info, click on the Events tab or drop me a note at teri @

Just Breathe…

it's good to breathe...


Although New Ye…

Although New Years is when we typically think of such things, each day is an opportunity to change something, be grateful, sink into who we truly are, give hugs freely, and love fearlessly with all our heart.


Updated Classes & Events

Check out the classes and event page for up to date Reiki training and new events!  Coming in January, The Shamanic Priestess Process, an empowering women’s circle.  Join us and Be Awakened.



We learn in the first level of Reiki the importance of self-care…take a little time today to celebrate you!

Book Release!

Book Release!.

via Book Release!.

what will you choose today?




“The wisest choice we can make in any circumstance is having the courage to trust our choices and give ourselves fully to the life we have chosen.”  ~Wendy Strgar

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